Hugh Hetherington Hearing Aid Museum
Hugh Hetherington Hearing Aid Museum

The Hearing Aid Museum

Hearing Aids of all types—Ear Trumpets, Carbon Hearing Aids, Vacuum Tube Hearing Aids, Transistor Hearing Aids, Body Hearing Aids, Eyeglass Hearing Aids and much more!

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Assistive Listening Devices

Miscellaneous Assistive Devices

Aid-A-Phone Strap-on Telephone Amplifier (~1965)


American Overseas Trading Corp. Radio/TV Earphone Hookup (1974)


Ameriphone HA-25 In-line Telephone Amplifier (1992)


Amplivox Transistorized Auditory Training Amplifier


Archer Model 12A6 Mini Amplifier/Speaker (1980)


Archer Strap-on Telephone Amplifier


Ardente Hand-Held Church Hearing Aid Receiver (~1935)


AT&T Strap-on Telephone Amplifier (~1990)


Audex CHAAMP CHP-2000 Cell Phone Amplifier (2002)


Audio Equipment Co. "The Confessionaire" (vacuum tube)  (~1945)


Audio Equipment Co. "The Confessionaire" (transistor) (~1955)


Aurex P-A Personal Amplifier


Bandwagon, Inc. Strap-on Telephone Amplifier (~1965)


Bell & Howell Sonic Earz Personal Sound Amplifier (2012)


Brush Church Earphones (~1940s)


Calitone TV Attachment (1964)


Cannon-Ball Hearing-Aid for Television (1955)


Comfort Audio Model 900 "Contego" FM System (2010)


Confessionaire Model 1 (~1960)


Cyber Ear Model HAP-40 Personal Amplifier (~2000)


EB  Master Auditory Trainer Model 33 (~1970)


Foot’s Induction Earphones (1955)


HITEC Sound Wizard Universal Listening System (~1996)


Lafayette Strap-on Telephone Amplifier


Lorgnette-style British-made Personal Amplifier


Microtone Communication Device (1955)


Nuvox Confidente


RCA-Sonotone Theatre Aid "Bone-Conduction" Model (1935)


Realistic Stereo Amplified Listeners

(H475, H476, H477)

Schulmetronic Model 50-45 "Confess-A-Phone" (~1955)


Sears Telecaption II Adapter(1988)


Siemens Phonodukt Miniature Loop Pad (~1972)


Silent Call Awake Master Vibrating Alarm Clock (~1988)


Sonotone Miniature Loop Pad (~1956)


Telex LCP-90 TV Listener (~1962)


Telex TW-4AA/TDR-7AA Wireless FM System (1999)


Tempest "Whisper 2000" Sound Modulator (?1989)


Trimm Featherweight Church Receiver & Pew Socket (~1930 - 1960)


Twinfone Device (~1940)

(H484, B185)

Ultra-Tec Watchman Signaling System (1983)


UltraTec Minicom III TTY (1986)


Ultratec Superprint 200 TTY (1990)


VuPhone TDD (~1980)


Weilaphone Telephone Device


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