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Conversation Tubes

HearMe Dear Model 2013 Conversation Tube

The HearMe Dear conversation tube is made by of Woodbury, MN. This modern-day conversation tube is the brainchild of Landis Lundquist. It is based on the conversation tubes of the 19th century. The HearMe Dear came out early in 2013 and sells for $39.95.

The HearMe Dear tube is 48" long and 3/8" in diameter.

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The HearMe Dear earpiece is unusual as compared to most conversation tubes as it has a flat, comfortable earpiece, rather than an eartip. The earpiece is 2 1/8" in diameter.

A flat earpiece gives less amplification that an eartip, but this can be overcome by the speaker speaking directly into the bell (mouthpiece).

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The tapered bell collects the sound waves from the speaker's mouth, concentrates them, and funnels them into the tube. This gives the HearMe Dear about 9 dB of amplification if held about 1" from the mouth.

If the speaker places his/her lips right against the bell trapping all sounds so they have to go down the tube, the amplification is considerably more.

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 For example, with my mouth 1" from the bell and speaking in a low voice, I couldn't hear a sound in my worse ear (80+ dB loss), but as soon as I put my mouth tight against the bell and still speaking in a low voice—WOW! I could hear clearly!

The bell end (mouthpiece) is 2 3/8" in diameter and 1¼" from front to back.

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Front cover of the Instruction brochure showing a picture of the HearMe Dear in use.

Here is the complete Instruction brochure in PDF format.

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A unique feature of the HearMe Dear is that it has a 9" handle to make it easier to hold the earpiece to the ear.

Note the caution on the handle. Conversation tubes work very well, but NEVER shout into one or even raise your voice if you are speaking right into the bell.

Click picture for larger view

The HearMe Dear comes with a carrying/storage bag to keep it clean.

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The complete kit for the HearMe Dear includes the disassembled tube, bell, earpiece and handle along with the storage bag and instruction brochure in a molded, clear plastic case.

If you are interested in getting one of these modern conversation tubes for yourself or elderly parent or friend, you can learn more about them or order one from the Center for Hearing Loss Help.


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