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Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Sonotone Miniature Loop Pad

This Sonotone miniature loop pad is the earliest loop pad of which I am aware. It was produced by Sonotone Corp. likely somewhere around 1956 (as I got it with a Sonotone Model 200 hearing aid that was manufactured in 1956).

The loop pad consists of one or more coils of wire placed near the edge.

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The loop pad measured 5" x 5" x almost ¼" thick. It came with 31¼' of twisted-pair brown wire and ended in two alligator clips (probably not original).

The long wire allowed the person to string the wire from the TV and around the perimeter of the room to the hard of hearing person's favorite chair.


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This pictures shows the Sonotone 200 hearing aid on the loop pad.

To use the loop pad, you connected the alligator clips to the leads to the television's (or radio or record player) loud speaker. Then you placed the loop pad on any convenient surface near you, switched your hearing aid to t-coil mode and laid it on the loop pad.


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The reverse side of the Sonotone loop pad showing along the bottom edge the words "SONOTONE CORP.  ELMSFORD. N.Y. U.S.A."



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