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Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Digital Hearing Aids

America Hears Freedom Wide Band BTE Digital Hearing Aid

The Freedom line of hearing aids was manufactured by America Hears of Bristol, PA. This Freedom Wide Band BTE model came out in the fall of 2005. It uses a No. 675 size (blue tab) zinc-air battery.




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The hearing aids at the right are the first pair of Wide Band hearing aids produced by America Hears. These aids amplify sounds up to 16,000 Hz, rather than just to 6,000 to 8,000 Hz like regular hearing aids do. As a result, these aids work well for people with severe reverse-slope hearing losses.

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The back of the Freedom WB aid showing the controls. The volume control (top), programming jack, on-off switch and the memory selector button (bottom).

These aids have automatic volume with manual override. The 3-position on-off switch (off in bottom position, memory 2 (middle) and memory 1 (top). The memory button (bottom) cycles through 3 of the 4 memories.

If you look closely at the large picture you can see the second of the two microphones which give this aid some directional abilities. The microphone is about half way between the volume control and the top of the aid and a bit to the left of center. (You can see the primary microphones in the second picture—the two tiny slots at the top of the aids.)

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One of the unique features of America Hears hearing aids is that they come with the interface box and complete programming software so you can program or tweak them yourself if you are so inclined. Here is the interface box and cables to attach to the hearing aids (small blue and red tipped cables) and computer (large USB cable at top).



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