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Body Type Transistor Hearing Aids

Maico Series H Transistor (Body) Hearing Aid

The Maico Series H body-style hearing aid was manufactured by Maico Electronics, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN probably around 1970.  The name "Maico" was derived from the initials of the Medical Acoustic Instrument Company.

The plastic case was grayish-white, and it measured 2⅞" x 1¾" x ⅝" thick.

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This top view of the Maico Series H shows the volume control (left), the top microphone (center), the t-coil lever (top right) and the 2-position ("N" normal and "H" high frequency emphasis) tone control (bottom right).

The t-coil lever had 4 positions—"M" microphone only, "MT" both microphone and t-coil, "T" t-coil only, and "O" off.


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The rear view of the Maico Series H showing the slide-out battery compartment containing a Number 1015 1½ volt battery.


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Notice the unique clear plastic cover that could be put over the top of the Series H hearing aid—possibly to keep young children from fooling with the controls or accidentally moving them. There was a hole on each side of the cover by the microphone so sounds could get in.



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