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Body Type Transistor Hearing Aids

Maico Model BN "Claridge" Transistor (Body/Barrette) Hearing Aid

The Maico Model BN Body or Barrette-style hearing aid was manufactured by Maico Electronics, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN in 1965.  The name "Maico" was derived from the initials of the Medical Acoustic Instrument Company.

The Model BN was a 6-transistor (push-pull amplifier) hearing aid. The front of the case was anodized aluminum, and the back was beige-colored plastic. It measured 1¾" x 1" x ⅜" thick. It was a later modification of the earlier Model AL aid (which see).

The top picture shows the Maico Model BN in the body aid configuration. Notice the pocket clip on the aid and the long earpiece cord. However, this aid could also be configured as a barrette-style aid by changing the pocket clip to a barrette clip and using a shorter cord.

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Top view of the Maico Model BN body version showing the volume control (top right). The word "HIGH" is inscribed in the case partially hidden by the clip, and the word "LOW" is inscribed on the case below the volume control on the right side. The on-off switch lever sticks out at the top left. The microphone is on the top immediately to the left of the pocket clip.

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The rear view of the Maico Model BN showing the battery compartment door (bottom half) and the screw holding the pocket clip (top center). To change this aid to the barrette version, you simply unscrewed the pocket clip and replaced it with a barrette clip.


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Rear view of the Maico Model BN showing the 1.35 volt Number 625 "button" mercury battery in place.




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