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Body Type Transistor Hearing Aids

Danavox Model 747-PP Binaural Transistor Hearing Aid

The Danavox Model 747-PP transistor hearing aid was manufactured by Danavox International A/S of Denmark in 1974. It was rather large in size for the period and measured 3 1/8" by 2¾" by 7/8".

This body-style aid had an integrated circuit amplifier, in addition to using some discrete transistors. It came with rechargeable batteries.


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A unique feature of this aid is that it was a true stereo hearing aid—the only one in the museum. Notice the two microphones (top left and right corners) and the two volume controls (red wheels center). The on/off switch is below them.

The telecoil/microphone switch (top center) had three positions—microphones only (M), telecoils only (T) and both microphones/telecoils at the same time (MT).

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The Danavox 747-PP in its original box.



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The charger for the Danavox 747-PP.


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The Danavox 747-PP in its charger. It used rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries.

Read the original Danavox 747 Owner's manual courtesy of Rose Sheppy in the UK.



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