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Ear Trumpets (Ear Horns)

Medium Brass London Dome Ear Trumpet (Ear Horn)

This medium-sized London Dome ear trumpet has no markings on it to indicate by whom it was made. The only mark is the number "4" on the very top of the dome.

Date of manufacture is unknown, but possibly somewhere around 1900.

This medium-sized ear trumpet was made of brass and painted black. It was of a thinner profile than other London Domes in the museum—thinner for its height.

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Three-quarter view of the medium-sized brass London Dome. This London Dome was 3⅝" high overall. The dome itself was 2 15/16" high. The bell was 15/16" (5.0 cm) in diameter. It weighed 2.4 oz.  (70 g).

Note the holes in the bell grill. This was a common grill pattern used in London Domes of this era—a series of holes set in concentric circles.

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Top view of the dome showing the number "4" stamped there.



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Close-up view of the ear tip. It was made of bakelite or hard rubber (gutta percha).


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If you look closely behind the holes in the bell, you can see how the sound tube curves around and gets larger as it rises to near the top of the dome.

The parabolic design of the dome focused the sound waves to a point just below the center of the dome, and thus the sound tube captured the maximum sound possible.



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