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Ear Trumpets (Ear Horns)

Miss Greene Hearing Horn (Large)

This particular type of ear trumpet has been given the generic name of the "Miss Greene Hearing Horn."

The horn at the right is made of painted tin. Others have been made of a plastic or bakelite material.

It measures 13" in length. This one has been soldered in the open position. The opening is 5" across.

This design makes for a rather flat trumpet, perhaps with storage convenience in mind.

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This ad was taken from the 1902 Sears Roebuck catalogue. The price in 1902 was $1.32.


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This ad was taken from the 1908 Sears Roebuck catalogue. Notice the price has now dropped to just $1.25.


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Lady Dorothy Brett, one of the more famous artists to use a Miss Greene's ear trumpet. She affectionately called her ear trumpet “Toby”.

This picture of Dorothy Brett and "Toby" was taken at Carmel, 1933 by Edward Weston. (From Edward Weston: Photographs from the Collection of the Center for Creative Photography by Amy Conger, Figure 736. Copyright Center for Creative Photography, Weston Collection






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