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Ear Trumpets (Ear Horns)

"Folded" or "Compact" Ear Trumpet (Ear Horn)

This "folded" or "compact" tin ear trumpet has no manufacturer's mark or name on it, but it looks almost identical to the F. C. Rein & Son No. 22 ear trumpet that sold for 15 shillings around 1900.

It stands 6" high, while the bell opening is 4". It is made from quite heavy sheet metal and weighs 5˝ oz.

Judging by their listings in old catalogues, folded ear trumpets do not seem to have been as popular as the similar "bugle" style ear trumpets, where the last section to the ear piece was turned in to form an oval similar to the shape of a bugle, rather than out as is done with the "folded" ear trumpet.

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Another view of the "folded" or "compact" ear trumpet. Stretched out, this ear trumpet would be around 15" to 17" long. Thus it gave good amplification in a smaller space.

The paint is mostly worn off, but the outside was finished in dark maroon, while the inside was a light cream color.

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Close-up of the ear tip. Obviously the ear piece is missing as the end is too big (and too sharp to be used safely).


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View looking in the bell showing the cream-colored painted interior.



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