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Ear Trumpets (Ear Horns)

"The Bison" Ear Horn (Ear Trumpet)

For hundreds, and perhaps even for thousands, of years people have used animal horns. There were three common kinds of horns produced—hunting horns, powder horns and hearing (ear) horns.

Most of these horns were made from cow horns, but other animal horns worked just as well.

Here is an example of a hearing horn. Hearing horns had a rounded tip that fit snuggly into the entrance of the ear canal. The other end was open to pick up sounds.

This example of "The Bison" measures 11¾" long and 3¼" in diameter. It is 100% genuine bison (buffalo) horn.

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In contrast, here is an example of a hunting horn. Notice the metal mouthpiece that looks somewhat like a bugle mouthpiece. They often also had a metal flange at the large end.


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This is an example of a powder horn. Powder horns always had the bell end sealed so the powder couldn't fall out. The tip end had a stopper that pulled out as needed.


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The vast herds of bison on the North American prairies in bygone years provided almost unlimited bison horns that could have been made into ear horns by hard of hearing people in bygone years. "The Bison" lets you feel and experience what these primitive ear horns sounded like.


Click picture for larger view

"The Bison" ear horn seen from the rear.


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Close-up view of the bell of "The Bison" hearing horn. The larger the bell, the better it captured sounds.


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Close-up view of the ear tip of "The Bison" hearing horn. Basically, the only modification to the horn needed was to drill a hole in the tip to let the sound through. 


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Note: if you are interested in purchasing a genuine "Bison" hearing horn, go to Old Hearing Aids for Sale,  then click on "Ear Trumpets/Non-Electric, and see whether we have any available for purchase there. If none are listed, then email and we'll put you on the waiting list. You'll be notified when the next "Bison" hearing horn becomes available.



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