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Quack Hearing Devices

"The Oticon" Ear Treatment Device

The Oticon was a home treatment device manufactured by Hearing Devices Corporation of New York during the 1940s. Charles H. Lehman, who was the president of the company, helped William Demant in setting up the manufacture of electronic hearing aids in Denmark after World War II. They both decided to use the name Oticon for Demant’s first Danish produced hearing aid and this later became the name of the Danish company, Oticon A/S, which continues today as one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.

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The Oticon device uses air pressure to gently massage the ear drum in the belief that this would stimulate the blood flow in the inner ear and massage the three tiny bones that conduct the sound vibrations from the tympanic membrane (ear drum) to the oval window of the cochlea.

 You can read the original instruction brochure, a copy of which was provided to us courtesy of the Oticon Museum at Eriksholm, Denmark.

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The original box containing "The Oticon".


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Instructions for using "The Oticon".



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