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Hearing Aid Batteries

Gem No. 1A Hearing Aid Battery

The Gem No. 1A was a 3-volt hearing aid battery used in Gem carbon hearing aids starting in 1930.

The Gem No. 1A carbon-zinc battery weighed 7.3 oz, and measured 3˝" high by 2⅛" wide by 1" thick.

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Top view of the Gem No. 1A battery showing the battery terminals and the Gem name and model number.

The pin spacing was exactly 1" (2.5 cm) with the left pin thicker (⅛") than the right pin (3/32") to preserve correct polarity.


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The battery terminals of the Gem No. 1A, instead of being in the center, were near the back edge of the battery.

This provided better stability for hearing aids like the Gem "Standard" since the microphone for that aid was "front heavy".


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