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Carbon Hearing Aids: 1900-1939

Potter "Ideal" Carbon Hearing Aid

The Potter "Ideal" carbon hearing aid was made by H. Potter Co. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada sometime after 1922.

The complete unit including microphone, receiver, battery and cords weighed 11½ oz.

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The front of the Potter "Ideal" microphone. Stamped into the metal are the words "Potter Earphone".

The microphone itself was 2½" in diameter by 1⅛" thick.

The overall height of the microphone with attached battery was 6"

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The back of the microphone showing how the volume control attaches to it.

Note that the back of the microphone has "Made in USA" stamped into it. Although the H. Potter Co. was Canadian, obviously they used parts manufactured in the USA.

The microphone attached to the battery by pushing the battery terminals into the microphone receptacles.

This battery was made by the Reynolds Earphone Company of Montreal, Quebec. It measured 3½" x 2¼" x 1" and weighed 7 oz. The date stamped on the battery looks like 1925.

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The external volume control. The receiver cord plugged into it.


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This is another version of the Potter "Ideal" (not in our museum). Note that in this version, the volume control is built in to the back of the microphone, rather than on the cord like the above version.


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This is the on-off slider switch (shown in the "On" position). It was situated about midway on the cord between the volume control and the ear piece (receiver).


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Normally the microphone sat right on the top of the battery. However, with this microphone extension cord you could clip the microphone to your shirt pocket and have the battery hidden away somewhere below. This cord was 23" long.


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The stock ear piece (receiver) with its ear hook. The receiver cord is quite long at 3' 6".

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The inside of the Potter "Ideal" carrying case showing all the components properly stowed away.


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The original case the Potter "Ideal" came in. This case measures 10½" long x 3¼" wide x 2" deep.



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